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Does Your Heating System's Issue Need Expert's Attention?

Jan 12

So you've noticed your heating system is making weird noises. Or perhaps, it's been turning on and off. But it still does its job, which is to warm your home. Should you just ignore the issue, or do you have to contact a heating system repair technician in Henderson, TX?


Below, we've listed some common issues with heating systems that typically need an immediate fix. Procrastinating on repair may lead to bigger problems down the road. 

The blower won't turn on.

A blower that does not respond when other components in the system are operating correctly can usually be repaired quickly. There may be something physically blocking its movement. If this is the case and you, you should check the furnace for obstructions.


Once you remove whatever is in there, the blower should turn on. But there may be a need to replace its drive belt if it has stretched or snapped. You may also need to adjust or lubricate its bearings to make it run more smoothly. Contact a heating system repair technician in Henderson, TX if you don't have the right tools and know-how.

The blower won't shut off.

A problem with a blower shutting off when other components are operating correctly usually signifies a faulty limit control switch. This unit works in tandem with your thermostat and sends an electronic message to your furnace that tells it when to start and stop running. Some furnaces have limit controls that automatically reset once they cool back down after reaching their cut-off temperature. Others need manual adjustment by a heating system repair technician in Henderson, TX.

The heat is weak.

If your furnace heats poorly, the first thing you should check is its airflow. If this is blocked for any reason, it will not produce an adequate amount of heat even if it is turned up to maximum capacity. Ensure that all vents are unobstructed and then turn up the thermostat setting several degrees higher than usual.


The next step is to replace the filter because a dirty one can restrict airflow into your unit. Lastly, check for other heating system problems that could cause restricted airflows, such as broken pipes or disconnected wires.

There's condensation/water on the floor.

A water leak coming from your heating system could mean that its components are rusting and breaking down, a problem that will not be easy to fix. If the leak is coming from under your unit, it is probably condensation. You may solve the problem by draining the water away from the furnace and into a nearby sink or bathtub. You may also want to check for rust on the bottom of your heating system, as this could cause water leaks as well.

You smell gas.

If you smell gas when operating the system, there may be a leak somewhere in its lines. You should always turn off your furnace and open any windows before starting your inspection process. Scrutinize all pipes and fittings and check their connections because loose parts could cause gas leaks.


If you cannot find the source of the gas smell, refrain from using the unit and contact a heating system repair technician in Henderson, TX.

The blower is making strange noises.

A blower that makes loud or unusual sounds while operating your heating system could have worn bearings or other moving parts that need to be replaced. This is especially true if the unit starts making noises when it runs at maximum capacity, but you find no obstructions.


A heating system is an integral part of our house that we must take care of to make sure it lasts longer, works efficiently and safely. You need to pay attention to all its moving parts and heater coils. Little neglect can result in more extensive damage. 


As soon as you get even a small whiff of any issue or hear some strange sound coming from your heating system, you should call heating system repair experts in Henderson, TX to get the unit checked once. After all, no one wants their heating system breaking down when they need it most.


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