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Leaky Ductwork? Not a Problem with Regular Heating System Maintenance

Jan 15

Leaky ductwork is one of the problems that most people fail to notice. That’s why many ended up dealing with more potential replacements and costlier repairs. 

You can have your ductwork and the entire HVAC unit inspected by the pros of heating system maintenance in Longview, TX to determine any early warning sign of an issue. 

But as a homeowner, you also want to be knowledgeable about your heater. In this article, you will know everything about ductwork. Without further ado, let’s begin. 

What is a Ductwork? 

A heating system is like the circulatory system of our body. The thermostat acts as the brain, the furnace as the heart, and the ductwork as the blood vessels. 

Similar to the arteries and veins in the body, this HVAC unit has air and supply air ducts. The air ducts are responsible for bringing unconditioned air from your home into the heating system. 

On the other hand, the supply air ducts send clean and allergen-free air into every room in your living space.

So, without proper ductwork, your furnace will have a hard time keeping you warm and comfortable all year round. You can contact the experts for heating system maintenance in Longview, TX to keep your furnace in perfect condition

What Are the Damages Leaky Ductwork Can Cause? 

Leaky ductwork, although it sounds simple, can be damaging. It can specifically decrease your indoor air quality as your furnace will distribute dirtier air within your home, causing respiratory problems and serious allergies. 

According to WebMD, more than 50 million American adults and children with asthma, hay fever, and allergic rhinitis are caused by allergens, dust mites, and dirt in air ducts. While proper cleaning can help, it will not be enough when there’s a hole or crack in the duct. 

A contractor with expertise in heating system maintenance in Longview, TX will not only remove all the dirt in the duct but also fix any available crack within the quickest time possible. 

What’s more, leaky ductwork can increase your heating costs. It is estimated that duct leaks can increase energy usage by around 30%. Since there is no enough air in your home, your furnace will double its work, leading to high electric bills. 

Why Is Your Ductwork Leaking? 

Duct leaks can happen for different reasons. A low-quality material used in the ductwork is on top of the list. Sheet metal ducts are recommended as they are more durable. But since they are costly, homeowners take advantage of ducts made of plastic or fiberglass tubing. 

Although they are competitively priced, these ducts tend to bend quickly, leading to wear and tear. 

Below are the other reasons for a duct leak: 

--- Damage from any structural work project to your home

--- Poor installation 

--- Cracking of sealing materials like caulk

--- Deterioration of the duct

What Are The Signs of Duct Leak? 

Ductwork leak is often overlooked by most homeowners because they do not know that their duct already has problems. But worry no more. Here are some signs of a damaged HVAC duct to look for: 

--- Higher monthly electric bills

--- Uneven cooling and heating output

--- Old and outdated ductwork 

--- Dusty living spaces

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