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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Furnace Safe

Jan 20

Nothing beats feeling warmed up with a furnace in Phoenix, AZ during cold season. Before indulging in its warmth with hot coffee or tea, you need to upkeep the system regularly. Before the temperature drops, you can do some preparations to enjoy the season wholly.

A well-maintained furnace is synonymous with safety. You minimize the fire hazards associated with using a heating system, hence keeping you and your family safe in extreme weather.

Here are some safety tips that you can do to keep the furnace ready for use anytime:

Set rules for your children.

There is no wonder that children love to play around. One of the spots where they would like to have fun is near the furnace. You can prevent burns by instilling understanding about playing near the furnace. 

Explain to them that they should keep their distance from the grill. Otherwise, your kids will get burned. If this cannot be avoided, you can have another setting where the children can play.

Beef up your home ventilation.

Various consequences can happen for having an obstructed furnace in Phoenix, AZ. It will cause your unit to work harder than expected. It consumes more energy than equates to additional operating costs as it works harder. 

In addition, any hindrance to airflow may result in ineffective and uneven heating in the areas of your home. Lastly and the worst, it will make your place unsafe because the furnace will consume the oxygen in your home.

Schedule periodic inspections.

Scheduled maintenance of the furnace by a professional will ensure the unit is safe to use. With periodic maintenance, you get a clear assessment of the furnace condition.

During the evaluation, physical and operational problems can be identified and resolved before winter approaches. That is not the only benefit as you also get to avoid future breakdowns. 

Replace the filters.

One of the common furnace issues is a dirty filter. It can cause problems to other parts of the unit and, in the worst scenario, can cause a breakdown. To prevent this from becoming a reality, make it a habit of changing the filter at least once a month.

 The need for frequent change of filter, however, will depend on the family's lifestyle. If you frequently use the furnace and have pets or some household members smoke, then change the filter more often.

Vacuum regularly.

Every homeowner wants their haven to be safe all year-round. However, having a furnace also presents a fire hazard. Indeed, you will want to minimize the dangers associated with the unit, and you can do this by keeping the area clean. 

You can refer to the maintenance instructions that come along with the unit. Furthermore, do regular cleaning or vacuuming around the furnace every month. This will remove the lint and dust that are considered hazards.

Get Serious With Regular Furnace Upkeep!

A well-maintained furnace is guaranteed to be safe for use. Although some of the tasks are minor such as cleaning and keeping the area ventilated, it will surely keep your haven intact and secure throughout the cold season, even the whole year. 

Moreover, you can save your pockets from costly repairs brought about by minor issues that stemmed from not doing the upkeep.

As for significant tasks like periodic maintenance of furnace in Phoenix, AZ, contact experts from Mountainside Air Conditioning & Heating will gladly give you a hand.