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Your Checklist Before Calling Furnace Repair

Jan 20

Calling on furnace repair professionals in Anthem, AZ is inconvenient and bothersome when it is in the middle of cold weather. It robs you of the precious time of doing something much important.

All the more reason, it breaks your peace of mind because of the repair costs brought about by servicing.

Before opting for their service, you might want to settle things at your level. You surely do not want to have this sinking feeling that the matter is a simple problem you can fix.

To avoid that, here is a checklist to save you from that awkwardness, hassle, and money.


When a heating system is not working, it signals something could be overlooked. One of these is the thermostat. Service providers, upon evaluation, often find out the incorrect setting.

To avoid such inconvenience, always check the desired settings— set it to heating and adjust the desired temperature. Furthermore, check if the batteries are charged if you have an electronic thermostat.

Circuit Breaker

If there is no air coming out of your vents, the unit might not be getting power at all. At the main electrical panel, locate and check if the breakers have not tripped and the fuses are not blown. If the breaker has tripped, turn it OFF all the way and switch it back to ON.

For instance, the fuse has been blown, replace it with the same type and size of fuse. Do not increase or decrease the size.

Here is an important thing to remember. If the furnace continues to trip or blow, contact a furnace repair in Anthem, AZ professional. There might be a bigger problem causing it to happen frequently.

Air Filter

A dirty air filter is often the culprit when your furnace is not properly working. This is obvious in the straightforward operation of the unit. The presence of debris, lint, and hairs interferes with airflow causing your unit to overheat and shut off. There is no need to fret. It will operate normally once the air filter is replaced.

Enough Fuel or Gas Service

For furnaces that run on oil or propane, ensure the unit has enough fuel. Once it is replenished, restart the system. Just in case your furnace is oil-fired, you will need a service technician to prime it.

Gas supply can be the reason why your gas furnace is not working. Gas service is terminated with or without notice to its consumers. This gas company turns off the supply because of a gas leak. If that is the reason, check for a lock on the gas valve that leads to the meter.

Power Supply

The switch of the furnace is inadvertently switched off. People sometimes mistake the unit switch for a light switch. It is then imperative to mark these switches for the heating and cooling system.

For one reason, these switches are sometimes changed to a regular switch. In the end, you perceive it as a light switch.


Stop the DIY; Call the Experts in Furnace Repair!

A lot of people are used to DIY-ing everything – even furnace repair. Nonetheless, if the problems are beyond your capability, the expertise of furnace repair in Anthem, AZ, is your best shot to resolve issues immediately.

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