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What Causes Furnace Capacitor Failure?

Jan 22

A furnace capacitor provides an extra jolt of energy to your blower motor for the fan to turn on. But similar to other HVAC components, your capacitor might fail after frequent use, causing your furnace to stop.

For that, you can contact the pros for immediate heating system repair in Hammond, LA

What’s the Main Role of a Capacitor? 

Aside from providing a jolt of energy to switch on the blower motor, a capacitor is built to tolerate higher current loads and have more charge storage capacity. 

That’s why, when damaged, your furnace won’t provide any heat, making your winter experience a disaster. So, you can have it inspected to determine early warning signs of a problem. 

How to Know if Your Capacitor Has Gone Bad

It is easy to determine when your capacitor gets damaged. If you start to notice a humming sound, it might indicate an electrical problem that requires a quick fix.

While you may be tempted to address the problem independently, nothing can beat a quality heating system repair in Hammond, LA from the pros. 

If you do not hear any unusual sound, do not relax. It’s time to check the blower motor. A faulty capacitor may cause the motor to run slowly and get hot quickly.

So, when the blower motor has been acting strange these past few days, please do not hesitate to schedule a heating system repair in Hammond, LA right away. 

A sudden furnace shutdown may also mean a faulty capacitor. This is especially true when your capacitor does not respond even after adjusting the thermostat settings. There are also other reasons for a heating system shutdown, and an experienced local HVAC contractor is someone to rely on and trust. 

What Are the Factors that Contribute to Furnace Capacitor Failure? 

Everything happens for a reason. So, when your capacitor does not function at its best, there are various factors to look into.

Some of them are given below: 


It is always recommended to invest in a cutting-edge HVAC component. But its quality will decline after a few years. The capacitor, for example, will eventually fail because of normal wear and tear.

If you have one that’s outdated, you can have it repaired or replaced to protect you from the long cold months. 

Worn-Out Bearings 

It is normal for any appliance to get warm when in use. Overheating is not the same thing, though. If your capacitor burns up, the culprit could be worn-out bearings in the fan motor or compressor. 

So, do not leave the capacitor in the circuit for a long time. For other expert maintenance tips, contact a certified technician. 

What to Do With a Faulty Capacitor

Whether your capacitor or any other HVAC component is faulty, it is important to schedule an appointment with an expert of heating system repair in Hammond, LA

While waiting for the contractor, it’s wise to observe the capacitor. While you may be enticed to fix the problem, the right contractors will try their best to respond to your concerns within the quickest time possible. So, just sit back and relax. 

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