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Heating Installation: How To Prepare Your Home

Feb 26

Are you planning to hire a heating installation service provider in Frisco, TX? This blog will discuss the steps that every homeowner should take before an HVAC system is installed in their home. 

Yes, you read that right. Even if you are entirely sure of your decision to purchase an HVAC system and have an expected installation date with your contractor – there is still some due diligence required on the part of the homeowner. 

It's not unheard of for a consumer to change their mind at the last minute or even reschedule a pre-scheduled installation date altogether, which can cause significant problems for everyone involved, including but not limited to: your contractor(s) missing deadlines, incurring additional fees, having to reschedule other appointments they may have had, etc. 

To avoid this, here are some steps that every homeowner should take before they schedule an installation.

Verify Your Requirements With Your HVAC Contractor

Before your heating installation service provider in Frisco, TX installs a heating system in your home, all of the information you provide them, such as any recent renovations or upgrades in your home, must be accurate and complete. Data like these can affect a new system's size and power requirements. 

When your chosen contractor calls, they may ask about any significant renovations (new windows, patio door, significant kitchen renovation, etc.), where the vents and returns are located, location of exterior walls, etc. They gather these necessary details by asking questions during their initial assessment appointment and walking around your home with you. 

Please keep in mind that all the information will help your contractor determine the best heating system for your property.

Identify The Type Of System That Will Be Installed

Once the information has been verified, your heating installation service provider in Frisco, TX will determine what type of system should be installed in your home and if there are any restrictions that must be followed. 

For example: If one or more areas of your home have increased insulation, you may want to consider an air-source heat pump instead of a standard furnace/air-handler. 

In cases where ventilation is restricted (such as attached garages), it might make more sense to install a ductless split system rather than trying to place a traditional air handler in a tight space. 

Both types of systems have their pros and cons but knowing these before your installation will help to ensure that you and your contractor make the right decision.

Prepare your Home

Your heating installation service provider in Frisco, TX will have to carry the equipment to the installation location. They may have to pass the hallway. If wall hangings or anything obstructs the way, it would be best to move them to another location to allow seamless entry. While this is not required, it would make the job of your heating installation team in Frisco, TX faster and easier.

Part of preparing your home for the installation day is keeping your kids and pets away from the installation work area. This is to prevent any accidents from happening. Kids and pets can be pretty curious, but heating systems come with components and substances that shouldn't be within reach of children. 

Ask The Right Questions

Before your hired heating installation service team in Frisco, TX, arrives, write down any questions you have. Ask those questions to your installation technician during or after they finish their job. Once the technicians leave your home, you might not have a chance to talk to them. 

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