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What does HVAC mean? How it is important to us?

Mar 5

HVAC is an acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The term is generally referred to residential home, commercial establishment, vehicle, and business or industrial heating and cooling system. Most homes and almost all commercial buildings use efficient HVAC services and parts. Any device that cools the air, heat the air, and ventilates the air in your property, car, or business establishment is a part of the HVAC family of systems.

Pell City AC repairThe basic concept of an HVAC system is to circulate the air through the designated space and on the way remove the heat of the air in one space and move it to another. In this manner, your living space is maintained cooler or warmer. The high-pressure liquid refrigerant is pumped through the copper lines by the AC to an evaporator which absorbs the heat from the air being blown over the lines. The air becomes supercooled and is blown into the living space to maintain a cool clean environment.  While in the heating mode the air is blown over the heated coils that pick up the heat and transfer it to the living space keeping it warm. During ventilation mode, neither refrigerant nor heating coils are in use but a fan is only used to recirculate and bring in fresh air into space without changing the temperature.

HVAC systems function to maintain the comfort and safety of the residents of the building. Heating and air conditioning components assist us by controlling indoor climate with adequate optimum airflow, which ensures that the occupants neither sweat mad nor freeze. We are also required to maintain temperatures within specified limits in telecom shelters, data centers, server rooms,computer-controlled CNC machine rooms in manufacturing units. This is to protect the equipment from overheating, moisture and freezing. When temperatures rise and heat waves are common, the air conditioning component of the HVAC system is on to keep the telecom, computer, server, and other IT components from over-heating.

A fully functional HVAC system ensures that heat, dust, and smoke do not pollute the inside air of your house or your office premises. Efficient HVAC systems not only regulate the temperature inside the premises they also improve the quality of air. An effective HVAC system reduces the humidity in the air so that the employees and workers can continue enjoying a pleasant working atmosphere at work.