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6 Signs That Say You Need To Call A Heating Repair Service

Mar 28

No homeowner wants to get stuck without heat during the coldest months or even when it's just a little chilly. Although furnaces aren't designed to last forever, the good news is that they usually give you multiple warnings before they completely break down.

It is important to learn what the red flags of furnace problems are so you can schedule a heating repair service Anthem, AZ. This post shares tips on how you can know if it’s time to get your heater repaired.

Your heater is blowing cold air.

Do you feel cold even if you have your thermostat is already set to 80 degrees? If so, your furnace needs heating repair service Anthem, AZ. Also, perhaps your filter simply needs to be changed because it is too clogged up.

Filters that become clogged can overheat the unit, resulting in it switching to safe mode where it only blows cool air. By changing your filter, you can quickly determine whether that's the underlying issue. When the problem is resolved, you're done! In contrast, if your house remains cold, it's time to schedule a heating repair service Anthem, AZ.

Your pilot light is burning yellow.

You need to leave your house right away if your pilot light is turning yellow instead of blue! This is an indication that your furnace is emitting deadly carbon monoxide gas. Contact your gas company as soon as possible.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, chest pain, shortness of breath, blurry vision, dizziness, fatigue, confusion, nausea, and vomiting. Any of these symptoms should prompt you to leave the house immediately, go to the nearest emergency room, or call 911 for immediate assistance.

Your heater is making strange noises.

Strange noises from your heater might indicate that it's wearing out. According to Mountainside Air Conditioning and Heating team, homeowners would normally complain about popping, squealing, or rattling noises from their furnace. Noises like these only mean one thing; it’s time to contact a furnace service appointment.

Your utility bills are getting outrageously high.

Energy bills that skyrocket are the most obvious and frustrating sign that a worn-out furnace needs repairs or replacement. When out of nowhere, your electric or gas bills shoot up unexpectedly, you may need to call a professional. This means your HVAC system isn't operating efficiently. Your trusted technician should be able to fix the underlying cause of the problem. In some cases, according to how old your current furnace is, your best option may be to upgrade to a newer, more efficient furnace than getting repeated heating repair service Anthem, AZ.

Your furnace is short cycling.

Short cycling or the turning off and on erratically of your furnace isn’t considered an emergency heater problem. However, you should still consider calling a professional to look it over. It's usually easy to fix short cycling, but it may permanently damage your HVAC system if you don't get it repaired right away.

You smell unpleasant odors. 

Unpleasant odors coming through your air vents are also a telltale sign of a need to repair your system. Whenever you smell smoke or burning rubber when your furnace is on, don't ignore it. Some hide the smell with air fresheners and sprays. Avoid doing this. Your heater's electrical components may be faulty. You might face a broken-down furnace in the weeks and months to come if you do not address the problem right away.

Schedule Your Furnace Service Today!

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