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Telltale Signs That Your Heater Needs Repair And Maintenance

Mar 30

Home furnaces have an average lifespan, and they could last longer with proper maintenance. It can also keep your furnace working in tip-top condition to deal with the harshest and coldest nights. Getting a heating repair service Mission, TX can ensure that the system will be able to make your home warm and comfy and keep up with your heating demands.


If you want to know when is the best time to hire a heating repair service Mission, TX, here are some easily noticeable signs to watch out for:

Loud And Weird Noises

A good-condition heating unit runs quietly. Since furnaces are on almost every time, it would be hard not to notice any strange or weird noise that the machine is making. Outside of the usual noises a heater makes when first switched on, any other weird or strange clanking or screeching sounds would need a heating repair service Mission, TX for a quick checkup and touch-up if needed.


Also, if you hear banging, popping, or squealing noises coming from your heater, it's a sign that something is wrong. These sounds can be caused by everything from a loose belt to a failing blower motor. You need to call in a professional to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.


A Spike In Energy Use And Costs

An old heating system is undoubtedly old-school and low-tech compared to today's most popular heater units. However, a well-maintained furnace can work just as well and efficiently as new ones. A sudden spike in the heater's power consumption and cost would mean that the equipment is starting to deal with some wear and tear. To keep this from happening, it is best to get the device checked and maintained by HVAC experts regularly. 

Funky Smell

Your heater pushes out warm air throughout the house to keep the temperature warm during chilly and cold days. But aside from the minimal smell of burning dust when turning the furnace on for the first time, a weird or noticeable smell would mean that there is something wrong. If a weird smell gets through our home's furnace system, it is best to call for a heating repair service Mission, TX to get it checked.

Poor Heat Productivity

The primary purpose of a furnace unit is to keep the house warm when needed. Therefore, if your heater is starting to produce less heat even at the same temperature setting, it is time to call for a heating repair service Mission, TX. Depending on the condition of the heater, the HVAC pros may suggest a thermostat change or perform specific repairs to deal with heater output issues.


Pilot Light is Yellow or Orange

If you have a gas-powered heater, the pilot light should be blue. If it's yellow or orange, it means that the gas isn't burning properly and could be a serious safety hazard. You should call a professional to inspect your heater and make the necessary repairs


Consider Hiring a Heating Specialist Today

Any home appliance or equipment can last long if maintained and repaired when needed. Hiring a heating repair service in Mission, TX can ensure that your heating unit is in good running condition. A checkup every couple of months can ensure that nothing is broken or damaged. Remember that a heater needs to be in tip-top shape to produce heat at lower costs. 


If you're thinking about getting your heater checked, choose a trusted provider like Colair Inc. Give them a call to schedule your heating repair service today!