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4 Things To Consider In Buying A New Furnace

Apr 9

Buying a new furnace is never an easy task. Not only is it generally pricey, but it is also a significant investment in your home – something that will stay with you in the years to come.


There are a lot of factors to think of when getting a new unit. You might be looking for a furnace in Anthem, AZ that's suitable for the climate and compliant with existing regulations. Before you head out to your local supplier around Maricopa County, here are four things you'd want to consider before making that purchase.

1. The Fuel Source

Furnaces can be classified depending on the fuel they use. There are differences in operational costs, but more importantly, each is ideally suited for specific applications. You should check what energy source is available in your area and your budget.


  • Gas furnaces are among the most energy-efficient options available. As they use natural gas to heat the air, they require a running natural gas line in your home. This is a viable option if you're looking for a furnace in Anthem, AZ with access to installation and servicing professionals.
  • Electric furnaces generally cost more upfront because of the newer technology they use. It is becoming common to use an electric furnace in Anthem, AZ because of alternative energy sources.
  • Propane oil furnaces are ideal for remote locations with no available electrical and natural gas lines. However, keeping them running for extended periods costs much more than the other types.

2. Size

Like finding an air-conditioner, searching for your new furnace in Anthem, AZ requires the correct size. There are computations on the unit's heating capacity against the property's square footage. An undersized unit will take too long to reach your needed temperatures. On the other hand, an oversized furnace will heat up too soon and force your equipment to switch on and off far more frequently.


Unit sizing usually comes in tons or British Thermal Units (BTU). Companies that can sell, install and maintain a furnace in Anthem, AZ also offer free estimates on your home to take measurements on the rooms and include even the ductwork and labor involved.

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency refers to how much energy a unit can save while performing the same task. The more efficient a piece of equipment is, the more savings you get on your next energy bill. A standard measure for furnaces is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE. It is similar to the energy efficiency factor (EEF) among electric appliances and miles per gallon (MPG) rating for vehicles.


A furnace with an AFUE rating of over 90 percent is a great choice. This rating means that over 90 percent of the fuel that goes into the unit is successfully converted into heat.

4. Features

Not all furnaces are equal. As long as your budget allows, you can select a unit with additional features. For starters, check a furnace with a programmable thermostat. This feature lets the unit automatically reach the target temperature. You can set specific levels for every day of the week.


Similarly, some furnace models now come with a variable-speed blower. It has a controllable fan that blows warm air at various speeds, letting you speed up the process as you see fit.

Find A Furnace In Anthem, AZ


Finding a furnace requires careful planning since it is a significant investment. To ensure you get a perfect fit for your home around Anthem, Arizona, you can seek help from the experts at Mountainside Air Conditioning & Heating. You can contact them today and get an estimate.