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4 Tips For Hiring The Right HVAC Repair Service Contractor

Apr 9

HVAC is a field that focuses on systems that generate, regulate, and transport temperature-regulated air. It can be cold or hot, depending on your needs. Given its importance in your daily life, having the right technician to look after it should be just as essential.


If you’re looking for a heating repair service in Anthem, AZ, here are a few things to consider before hiring an HVAC technician.

1. Check For Licenses And Certifications

Offering heating repair service in Anthem, AZ is a regulated trade. Your prospective technician should at least have a proper training program for HVAC servicing, a certificate program, or a two-year associate degree from a community college.


Also, while there is no specific license for HVAC technology, per se, a couple of other licenses are required to work in The Grand Canyon State. Depending on their specialization, there are three trade exams: a C-39 test for residential services, a K-39 for commercial technicians, and an L-39 exam for both sectors. Having these requirements at the ready attests to their experience meeting the state standards.

2. Look For Insurance Coverage Plans

Generally, companies and contractors that offer heating repair services in Anthem, AZ or any other part of the state must be licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. The qualifying requirements include proof of worker’s compensation insurance.


Insurance coverage is essential, especially since servicing your HVAC unit has occupational hazards. Should something happen to an insured worker at your premises, you might even be held liable for the harm they’ll get into.


3. Find Someone Experienced With Your Particular Unit

This part requires you to be familiar with the HVAC systems you currently have installed in your home. Although most HVAC systems have similar principles of operation, there are still differences in certain parts. Most professionals who offer a heating repair service in Anthem, AZ are versatile enough to work with most models.


However, you can ask prospective technicians if they have worked with the particular brand and model of equipment you have at home for peace of mind. It might not be precisely the same, but if they have training and experience for similar product lines, then it should be enough.


4. Ask Around About Their Services

When looking for a heating repair service in Anthem, AZ, you can ask your friends, family, and neighbors, especially if they’re familiar with the particular company. Ask about the quality of work and if the problem was fixed without recurrence.


Similarly, you can gain additional insight into the quality of their work through their social media. Other users and former clients might leave reviews or comments on their social media pages.


Selecting the right HVAC technician does take some effort, but it’s all worth it when you get a heating repair service that’s worth every penny you spend.

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