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5 Things To Consider Before A/C Installation

Apr 18

Installing an A/C is challenging. If the installation is done right, your unit will provide adequate cooling. If it's not, you won't achieve the cooling you want. An improper setup results in frequent maintenance issues.


A proper A/C installation includes more than simply having the system function. It also involves an expert's guidance. The following are the things to consider before successfully performing an A/C installation in Verdi, NV.

Understand The Different Types Of A/C

Your family’s comfort and your home’s energy usage depend on selecting the proper type of air conditioner. Although most people focus on the A/C's capacity and energy efficiency, it’s equally important to evaluate its kind, design, and function. To help you figure this out, here are the most popular types of air conditioners.

Portable A/C

Portable air conditioners are quite popular since they are standalone units with all components contained in a single case. These are designed with an exhaust pipe that draws hot air from a room and blows it out a vent or outlet. 


Additionally, such units are ideal for areas that quickly get warmer than the rest of the house. It’s also suitable for homes where it is impossible to set up a standard A/C unit.

Window Type A/C

This type of A/C unit is the most popular for single rooms. All components are packed in a single package, including a single thermostat gauge installed in a hole, cut into the wall or window-installed. 


To add, window-type A/C installation in Verdi, NV is best for cooling a single room or a series of interconnected rooms without barriers restricting airflow.

Ductless Split System A/C

This system operates 'quietly' since the noisy condenser is placed outdoors and the interior includes wall-mounted fans. By design, ductless split A/C doesn’t require ducts to distribute cold air into the house. Instead, it uses cooling lines that connect the condenser to the blower unit. Moreover, this air conditioner occupies less wall space than through-the-wall ones. The coil and drain pipe require a small wall outlet.


Believe it or not, A/C units are available in various sizes. That is why it is critical to determine the size of your house. It will identify the dimensions of an area, making it easy to identify the size of units up for A/C installation in Verdi, NV


A smaller system will operate continuously to maintain the desired temperature. However, if it is oversized, it will not efficiently move from one cycle to another. 



It is common to purchase the most economical air conditioning systems to save money. However, the more expensive units are usually more cost-effective in the long run. They use a limited amount of energy that can lower your electricity consumption. 


On the other hand, it’s best to pass on cheap cooling systems due to poor quality. With that said, consulting with the professionals in A/C installation in Verdi, NV will give you the most value for your money.

A/C Ability To Improve Air Quality

Air conditioners improve people's lives by making them comfortable and providing a relaxed, healthy environment. Along with maintaining the proper temperature and humidity levels, A/C can renew and filter the inside air, eliminating tiny particles from the surroundings and purifying the air you breathe.


When planning for A/C installation in Verdi, NV, go for units with an air filtration feature. This can remove allergens, dust, and bacteria from the air. This feature often comes with self-cleaning functionality, ensuring the unit dries appropriately on the interior, preventing dust build up and mold formation. 


Consulting The Expert

While some air conditioners are more energy-efficient than others, a significant factor is who installs your system. These professionals understand the vital role of offering superior work to guarantee that your A/C system operates effectively at all times.


You can rely on certified specialists at Lincoln Heating and Air for all of your cooling needs. Contact them to book your appointment now.