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Hints and Tips For High-Quality Furnace Installation

May 4

furnace installationIt may not be winter yet, but you sure don't want to be caught scrambling about your old broken-down furnace on the coldest winter day, do you? Don't wait and let the temperature drop before you call the professionals' help to give you a quality furnace installation London, ON.

Here are the top hints and tips for homeowners when installing furnaces in your home so you don't get left out in the cold.

Energy Upgrades

The heating demand of your home is greatly influenced by other energy-related components within its structure. So, when looking for a new furnace, factor in the right size of the unit. 

This is influenced by the home's renovations, including improvements to your building enclosure, ventilation boost, or control system upgrades. It's also essential that your furnace contractor know previous or future changes to your home. So be sure to discuss this with them as they arrive.

Furnace Installation Criteria

When requesting quotes from furnace contractors, make sure you ask them to include the following:

  • Calculation of the heat load to determine the size of the new furnace
  • Double piped venting with combustion air taken from outside 
  • Condensate pipe connected to a pump or drain
  • High-quality furnace filter and cabinet door that is tight-fitting, which makes for easy replacement
  • Leveled furnace cabinet leveled for effective condensate drainage
  • Assessment of orphaned DHW tank venting

A lot of the above items can be observed visually. This will enable you to quickly verify the quality of your furnace installation London, ON.

Matching Thermostat and Wiring

Interesting fact: did you know that most modern furnaces come with features that can only be accessed using a matching thermostat and wiring? Yes!

As opposed to single-stage appliances, modern staged furnaces match their output to building heating requirements with greater accuracy. It can improve your comfort and help you save energy.

These benefits are fully attainable only if the new thermostat can communicate various heating levels to the staged furnace, plus the wiring should also be matched.

Furnace Maintenance

Routine maintenance schedules with your trusted HVAC experts like MaxCare Heating & Cooling are vital for a fully-functioning furnace. Your equipment will last longer with regular maintenance. It will also reduce your energy bills.

Inspect and properly replace furnace components such as the filter regularly. Also, consider establishing a maintenance contract with your HVAC contractor of choice, as this will ensure complete and proper servicing regularly.

How to Identify Quality Installations

As mentioned above, several essential characteristics can be viewed visually to spot a quality furnace installation:

  • Furnace Venting - It is recommended to install a two-pipe venting system. From the outside, it will provide combustion air straight to the furnace.
  • Condensate Removal - Acidic condensate should be pumped or drained directly into the plumbing system. Before entering the sewer system, some areas require the condensate to be neutralized.
  • Furnace Filter - The filter cabinet should have a tightly fitting door that is easy to service. Your contractor can recommend the best filters for your furnace.
  • Thermostat & Wiring - Choose a thermostat that matches the stage(s) of the new furnace. Make sure the wiring for the thermostat matches as well.

Installation Done Right by the Experts!

Whether you've got major questions about furnace installation London, ON or need quality service for your home, MaxCare Heating & Cooling will be more than happy to help you. They are the highest-reviewed HVAC services in London, ON for years and arguably London's most trusted HVAC expert.

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