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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC?

Nov 5

Suppose you just completed your residential furnace installation in Frisco, TX, and the unit, unfortunately, got damaged. You haven’t hired a professional to install the equipment, so you know there’s no warranty to cover the expenses. 


HVAC systems aren’t cheap. You need to spend a few thousand dollars to install a top-tier unit with a professional. If you’re like an average family, it’s impossible to get a new system. Getting it repaired will also likely hurt your budget.


So, you probably are looking for ways to save money on repairs, and one way to do so is by making an insurance claim. Homeowners insurance does cover HVAC, but not at all times.


When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC?


Suppose your heating system has been damaged after your residential furnace installation in Frisco, TX. In that case, you can use your homeowner's insurance to pay for any necessary services to get your unit back up and running. But, as mentioned above, the insurance won’t cover all types of damages. Usually, homeowners insurance only covers damages on HVAC due to the following:


Fire and Water

Homeowners insurance usually pays for repairs of HVAC damage due to fire and water. For example, a pipe burst in your home and unexpectedly damages your heating system. In this case, you may make a claim. Similarly, if a fire occurs and unexpectedly burns your unit, you can use your homeowners insurance so you don’t have to spend a penny on a repair.


Covered Perils

Your homeowners insurance may also cover damages caused by certain disasters. These perils include high winds, hail, and even lightning. So if any of these disasters damage your HVAC, even if it's just after your residential furnace installation in Frisco, TX, then you can make a claim. 


Theft and vandalism

You may also file a claim if your HVAC system got damaged by a thief or a criminal. In this case, you must obtain proof of the incident and report it to the authorities. You may be asked to attach a copy of a police report to your insurance claim. 


When Is Your HVAC Not Covered?


Homeowners insurance usually won't cover damages due to wear and tear. Therefore, making a claim is no problem if you just finished your brand-new residential furnace installation in Frisco, TX. Aside from normal wear and tear, here are other situations that aren’t covered:


Owner’s Negligence

Your homeowners insurance claim won’t be approved if the damage is due to your negligence. Examples of this include accidentally dropping new equipment or not changing the air filter. Any damage due to lack of maintenance is often considered as owner’s neglect, so it’s best to invest in annual maintenance after your residential furnace installation in Frisco, TX.


Old Age

HVAC systems have a life expectancy that varies depending on the unit. If your unit got damaged past its expected service life, you could not expect the insurer to pay for it. If you want to fix your old unit, you’ll have to pay for the service from your pocket.


Other Natural Disasters

Homeowners insurance won't cover damages due to earthquakes, flooding, or wildfire. So if these are what got your unit broken, you may have to shoulder the expenses unless your unit is new and covered by a warranty.


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