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Common Reasons a Heating System Blows Cold Air & What To Do About It

Nov 8

If you're like most people, you rely on your heating system to keep you warm and toasty all winter long. So, it's understandably frustrating when you crank up the heat only to be greeted by a blast of cold air. 


There could be several reasons when the heating system starts blowing cold air. Some can be fixed easily, while others require you to get heating repair services in Coppell, TX.


This blog post will discuss some of the most common reasons a heating system blows cold air and what you can do about it.

Common Reasons Why Your Heating System is Blowing Cold Air

There are a few different reasons why your heating system might be blowing cold air. Here are some of them:


1. The pilot light is out. 

If your pilot light is out, you'll first want to check the gas supply to your furnace; if the gas is off, simply turn it back on and relight the pilot light according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you're having trouble relighting the pilot light or if it keeps going out, hire heating repair services in Coppell, TX.


2. The furnace filter is dirty. 

A clogged or dirty filter prevents warm air from flowing through your home, leading to an uncomfortable living space and higher energy bills. To avoid this, check your furnace filter monthly and replace it as needed; typically, filters should be replaced every 1-3 months, depending on use and individual needs. 


3. The thermostat is set incorrectly

Believe it or not, another common reason for blowing cold air is that the thermostat is set incorrectly. If your thermostat is set to "Auto" instead of "On," the fan will only run when the furnace is heating the air, which can cause the air to feel cooler than usual. 


4. The vents are blocked.

Yet another common issue that might lead to blowing cold air is blocked vents; if furniture or other household items are blocking your vents, it prevents air from circulating properly throughout your home. To fix this problem, remove any obstacles in front of your vents; if you have pets that like to curl up in front of them, consider investing in pet gates to keep them out. 


5. There's a problem with the blower motor. 

The blower motor powers the fan that circulates heated air throughout your home. If there's an issue with the motor, it could prevent the fan from running properly, which would cause your furnace to blow cold air. Again, if you suspect there's an issue with the blower motor, contact a contractor offering heating repair services in Coppell, TX for an accurate diagnosis and a fast but reliable fix.


If the basic troubleshooting tips don't work or you're not comfortable fixing the issue on your own, it's always best to call a professional for help. They'll be able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly so that you can go back to being warm and cozy in no time.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Heating System That Blows Cold Air?


The cost of heating repair services in Coppell, TX will depend on why your heater blows cold air. For example, the fix will be relatively inexpensive if the issue is simply a dirty furnace filter. However, the repair could be more costly if the issue is more serious, such as a problem with the blower motor.


In general, you could expect to pay less than a hundred to a few hundred dollars to fix a heating system that blows cold air. But to get the exact cost,  it's best to call a professional and ask for an estimate.


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